We had to go to Sicily to get this original dish for the homemade version of Spaghetti-O’s!  We LOVE to help make this recipe because it tastes so good – and it’s good for you!  This meal is high in protein to help your muscles get strong, high in fiber (WOW!) and is an excellent source of iron which is the most common mineral lacking in kids’ diets!  Moms gave us the thumbs up because it’s easy to make, they can freeze the leftovers, and the whole family has a new favorite lunch or dinner meal.  Click here for the recipe!

We taste tested this recipe yesterday for the first time with the Seedlings and got double thumbs up! The aneletti pasta (the little O’s) is not easy to find — we found it on the Trader Joe’s Web site and at Bartolomeo’s in Englewood, NJ.  Mangiare!

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