The Bergen Record’s Better Living Section:  Giving Back: Maywood’s Alice Wright Helps Lead a Free Food Program for Families with Sick Children…

“Alice Wright won’t meet the Cortez family or any other recipients. She doesn’t hand them the meals. They won’t know the name of the Maywood resident, who likely had a hand in preparing that food as a volunteer for Healing Meals. Wright was one of the first to sign up to help the program when it began in 2014 and immediately knew she wanted to keep coming back. “I just loved it,” said Wright, who is a school nurse at Coleman and Hamilton elementary schools in Glen Rock. “I just loved the whole concept of making meals for people that are involved in a situation like a child’s illness, which I can’t imagine going through, and not having to worry about going home and making dinner. It’s just been amazing.  Healing Meals provides nutritious meals for families of children undergoing treatment for cancer, serious blood disorders and sickle cell anemia. The program is an initiative of the HealthBarn Foundation, the charitable arm of HealthBarnUSA, an organization dedicated to teaching about healthy eating.”

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