Today was an epic day at the barn for fitness!  Our founder, Stacey Antine, who has been practicing yoga for 10 years and doesn’t own a pair of sneakers, took the CrossFit challenge at Brazen Athletics lead by Jason (its owner) with Kerry Kittles, former NJ Nets shooting guard and HealthBarn USA parent.  The bonus was some rivalry between Providence College (Antine) and Villanova (Kittles) to sweeten the morning!

Stacey attempted to buy sneakers for the event, but likened the experience to the kids’ snack aisle in supermarkets — too overwhelming!  She was also informed that people usually throw up after the intense work-out, so she postponed breakfast until after the workout.

Antine and Kittles report they had a great time!  The workout consisted of 1000m row; 6 rounds of 7 K2E (knee-to-elbow pull-ups) and 9 box jumps on 30″/24″ boxes; dessert was walking about a 1/4 of a mile with 25 pound weight overhead (for Stacey, not Kerry).  This quick, intense workout makes you feel great afterwards!

Thank you Kerry and Jason for ramping up the fitness at the barn!


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