Eating Local Season Food Matters!

Stacey, founder of HealthBarn USA, had a great time with Dr. Derrick DeSilva, host of 12 To Your Health, in studio taping a segment about the importance of eating local, seasonal food for your health and the health of the planet for News 12 NJ.  The segment will run this weekend on News 12 NJ, [...]

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HealthBarn USA Assembly Gets Rave Reviews

Meet Kayden who was transformed from a cookie monster to a crunching cauliflower fan during a recent HealthBarn USA "Try It, You'll Like" School Assembly.  We think our assembly is amazing, but of course we do, because we're drinking the Cool-Aid (NOT!).  Stacey and the team are crazy busy with 5-7 assemblies every week.  Why?  [...]

2017-05-05T14:54:16-04:00March 7th, 2012|Photo of the Week|

Book Photo Shoot at the Barn

Happy Martin Luther King Day!  We celebrated this important day at the barn with the Best of HealthBarn USA Day from 9-3:00 p.m.!  Aside from the fun activities of the day, we held our first photo shoot for HealthBarn USA's upcoming book being published September 2012 by HarperOne, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers!  The kids [...]

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HealthBarn USA Christmas Tree

At HealthBarn USA, we believe that every garden should have a Christmas Tree.  This perennial pleasure grows one foot every year after it is planted.  We planted this evergreen seedling 4 years ago, so it's almost 5 feet now!  We decided to decorate the tree this year with candy canes as requested by a student [...]

2017-05-05T13:13:56-04:00December 26th, 2011|Photo of the Week|

Yogi Meets CrossFit Workout

Today was an epic day at the barn for fitness!  Our founder, Stacey Antine, who has been practicing yoga for 10 years and doesn't own a pair of sneakers, took the CrossFit challenge at Brazen Athletics lead by Jason (its owner) with Kerry Kittles, former NJ Nets shooting guard and HealthBarn USA parent.  The bonus [...]

2017-05-05T12:37:21-04:00November 3rd, 2011|Photo of the Week|

Winter Storm at the Barn

This past weekend (10/29/11) brought a random snow storm to the barn in NJ (and to Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center, NY) -- that took our power out and iced over our garden!  Power is back and hopefully we will be back in the garden at the end of the week!  

2017-05-05T12:25:51-04:00November 1st, 2011|Photo of the Week|

Greenhouse Goodies

HealthBarn USA had a blast today with the NYC Hunter Elementary School kindergartners at Hilltop Hanover Farm, Yorktown Heights, NY.  We didn't let the heavy rain put a damper on our trip today -- everyone was prepared with rain gear to indulge in their healthy day! Thank goodness for the two large greenhouses on the [...]

2017-05-04T10:37:41-04:00October 19th, 2011|Photo of the Week|

Fresh Raspberries

We are crazy about raspberries at the barn this fall.  They are sweeter in the fall than in the spring -- that's the best kept secret about these yummy berries!  Come visit us and pick your own...  

2017-05-04T10:34:28-04:00October 7th, 2011|Photo of the Week|
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